Andrew & Julie McLeland

"We have moved, a lot.  We are those people who seem to send out more new address cards than Christmas cards.  Our last move was our biggest.  We have been living in The Netherlands for the last few years and were ready to move back to the U.S.  I had no idea how to start a search for a new home in a place where I had never lived.  We started an internet search and noticed that one realtor had done a great job with virtual tours.  Susan Salazar had a beautiful home listed, so we contacted her, and several other real estate agents.  Susan got back to us almost immediatly, even with the seven hour time difference.  She had, of course, already sold the home we had seen on-line.  Within a day she had twenty other properties which matched our criteria.

When we flew to TN for the first time Susan made time for us and showed us lots of homes.  Nothing seemed perfect and we flew back to Holland.  Susan kept looking and found our home - for sale by owner.  We bought it the day we saw it.  We have had lots of realtors.  They have always before seemed a little helpful.  Susan Salazar was professional on every level and I cannot imagine ever using another realtor in Middle TN.  Looking for a home was fun, closing (even with a relo) was easy, and living here is great."

Juan & Shannon Lamb

"Susan was a wonderful realtor! She was very attentive as far as flexibility on scheduling, returning calls, answering questions, etc. Susan was straight forward about the correct pricing of our home and what needed repair before going on the market. We received and accepted an offer in just 17 days. We would definitely work with Susan again and have recommended her to our friends!"

Joe & Joan King

"We found our dream house thanks to Susan. She went over and above for us since we were relocating from NJ. She held the deal together, constantly checking on issues that she wasn't even responsible for. What an easy transaction thanks to her. When we called her with questions she always got back to us. Oh, how we wish she would be our NJ realtor since we need to sell our house here. She is not only a great realtor, shi is now a good friend of ours."

Nikki & Greg Herrington

"You know I once read a sales quote that said, "An organization can spread itself throughout the world and hire hundreds of thousands of people, but the image of that company and its services is customarily projected through contact with One Person." I hadn't heard of Keller Williams until we met you at the open house. You called me several times to follow-up and I knew you were the type of person I wanted to work with. Upon meeting with you, your professionalism and organization blew me away. I never worried about anything because I knew that you had our wants and needs in mind. You helped us find the perfect house and for that I'm so thankful. Because of you, Keller Williams will always be the company of experienced professionals who work hard for you to have a satisying and rewarding home buying experience. Again, thank you for everything you did for us. I not only gained the perfect house but a great friend."

Sandy & Les Whitley

"Susan Salazar, Keller Williams Realty, made the home-selling process relatively painless while achieving the sale of our home in the timeframe we required. Susan communicated openly, performed thorough research, provided valuable suggestions, and respected our decisions. Due to her efforts, we created an exceptional repoire which culminated in the successful sale of our home. We would recommend Susan to friends, family, or anyone we knew interested in selling their home."

Debora Shaw

"To be honest using a friend and neighbor made me nervouse because there was a chance of things going wrong and there being hard feelings. I couldn't have been more wrong. Susan was wonderful and having her close by was a great asset. She new the area well and really helped in pricing and getting the house on the market fast. A relocation company can really make selling a home more complicated, but Susan handled all the paperwork with ease and helped me with all my questions. She did a lot of follow up on things for me. Susan is a helpful, efficient, and organized as a real estate agent and you will want her as your friend too."

Tod and Tina Echler

"Thank you very much for everything you have done for us. You worked very hard for us and we thank you. We feel that we owe you a gift for everything you have done for us. Once again thank you."

Beth Bounds

"thank you for all of your help with our new home. We appreciate you making it possible for us to afford the house. I really feel like this house was the one we were meant to have. I believe we are going to be real happy with it. Thank you again!"

Barbara Rye

"...with your sales and design background you have a huge advantage in helping you clients visualize potential in a home. Being able to advise them of the little touch ups sometimes necessary to sell is also a definite plus. I can certainly attest to the hard sales work that you do for your clients. Your clients will not find many realtors that will work as hard for them or will be as fun to work with as you."

Mack McCoy, AIA

"In my experience with Susan she always put the client first. She operates off a good set of "core values" that defines how she treats people. She is also a hard worker who will do whatever it takes to make her clients successful."

Warren Hoover

"Susan, I would like to express my appreciation for your recent success in marketing my residential property in Sullivan Farms, Franklin TN.  You listed the home for the appropriate price and I received an acceptable offer in five days.  Your prompt response to questions and attention to detail enhanced my comfort level and made it easier to complete the transaction with no problems.  Your professional attitude, knowledge and commitment to your client certainly made the process smoother and much less stressful than expected.  I selected the right person and the right company.  Thank you very much." 

Carol A. Jones

"Susan,  I am so thankful I found you via your web site.  I believe that anyone can be in real estate but it is much harder to find someone who is a go getter and makes it happen.  I know that if without a doubt that if you had not been my realtor this house, which we love, would not be ours.  Your listening to my needs coupled with your negotiation skills and determination made this deal happen.  Without you this transaction would have never happened and for that I am eternally grateful.  Thank you for everything you did!"

Aimee Servais

"Susan, You have been amazing.  Thank you so much for all your hard work!"

John Bergman

"Susan is a go-getter. I was extremely impressed with her ability to find a buyer and get us to closing. We had a lot of obstacles during our specific case, and she was able to guide us through everything we encountered (and believe me, there were several hard obstacles to overcome).

I cannot begin to express how pleased I was with the work that Susan did for me in all aspects of the transaction. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Susan to anyone that is looking to sell their home."