Why Keller Williams?

My personal testimony: 
I have no place to compare to.  I graduated from real estate school, passed my license exam and went straight to Keller Williams.  I knew that was the place I would end up, so why not start there.  I loved that they not only said they believed in God, Family, Business (in that order), but put it in writing.  I was also interested in the education to help me build my business and to know what to do once I got it, the profit sharing model, and the great culture.  With the help of top agents and Keller Williams education I was able to sell 10 homes in my first year of real estate and CAPP.  Oh what is CAPP you might ask?  The other big reason I choose Keller Williams is because there is a capp to the broker splits that we will ever pay.  The commission doesn't have to be 70/30 or whatever forever, after we pay in (a set amount set by each market center) to my broker and international, then all my other commissions are 100% to me, no more broker splits for that year.



Profit Share

Keller Williams Cares

Not enough reasons yet?  How about......


Education (BOLD)
Education (Leadership)


Tools that power your business (1)

Tools that power your business (2)


How about...

Your own website (not to be confused with webpage)

Office intranet

Coaching programs for every level in real estate

Productivity camps

KW Connect - provides motivational videos, training, etc.

Agent Mountain - provides "This Month in Real Estate" and much more

Leadership Mountain

Commercial Division

Luxury Home Division


Not enough reasons yet?  Call me and we can discuss it. 





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